About Us


Local Brainstorm is an open source, impact-focused platform for supporting communities on social good projects. We want to make it easier to make a positive idea happen and grow through collaboration and infrastructure.

Guiding principles

  • Actively Pursue Communities
  • Stay human-centered
  • Believe in your people
  • Integrate solutions into bigger systems
  • Use evidence to measure outcomes
  • Iterate and continue until the expected outcome is there

    Who we are

    We are researchers, designers, technologists, and passionate individuals looking to change something broken in our communities. We are connected by proximity of our urban area and by a willingness to meet

    What we do

    We pilot technology projects, consult directors and planners on engagement strategies, and organize community projects.

    When we do it

    We are always active. We work publicly through Open Seattle, and run a monthly meetup group, focused on addressing specific issues and ideas. We discuss our projects and ideas on slack at localbrainstorm.slack.com

    Why we do it

    We founded Local Brainstorm as a medium to bring human-centered design methods into government and accelerate civic innovation. Projects are filled with obstacles that often keep us from realizing any real change in an issue we see. We believe the resilience of communities can make it through those obstacle if given a path. We want to see that path exist.

    How we do it

    We actively seek out information about our community and engage people trying to address an issue. We listen, experiment, and dream out opportunities that might make a difference. We find the people and technology to make those opportunities possible and then pursue a solution with as much vigor as we can muster.